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About Us

Cedar Point Global is an established performance optimization entity, whose focus is on helping institutions and individuals to optimize their results through the provision of relevant and effective interventions. The firm was founded on a strong skills base and consultants are well endowed subject matter experts, with years of global & local experience.

Various services are offered by the firm in the following areas: -
1. Knowledge Generation & transfer
2. Skills development
3. Business optimization
4. Project Management, including Monitoring & Evaluation, Base line assessments among others

Our Services

We offer a range of high quality services and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver on our promises as is evidenced by customer feedback over the years

Knowledge generation & transfer

Today’s world is driven by knowledge and Cedar Point Global plays a critical role in equipping people and therefore organizations with relevant and game changing knowledge across various aspects. Cedar Points works with experts in various categories and facilitate knowledge generation and transfer at a global level.

Skills Development

Our signature courses are Trade Finance, Sales, Credit risk and various leadership interventions. Facilitators and consultants have vast working and training experience in various sectors within global and local institutions in Africa, Europe and Asia. The multi-institution, multi-region and multi-discipline exposure provides them with well-rounded knowledge and expertise spanning Technical, Professional and Leadership fields.

Business Optimisation

Cedar Point Business (CPB) helps companies, mostly SMEs, to transform into the best they can be by capacitating them for growth in all spheres. The unit helps companies to develop growth strategies by helping them to effectively address the key business drivers, i.e. Sales and Business development, Operational efficiency, Capacity planning & Resource Optimisation as well as Execution

Project Management

Cedar Point Projects (CPP) works on various projects across different markets and with different partners as required. Previous projects include Monitoring & Evaluation, Baseline studies and feasibility studies in East , West and Sothern Africa.

Our Global Representation

Cedar Point is affiliated with several major brands in different areas of specialization. The firm has representation across five continents as indicated below:-


Leicester: - The United Kingdom
Edinburgh: - Scotland


Johannesburg: - South Africa
Lagos: - Nigeria

North America
North America

Alberta: Canada
Boston: - USA

Australia & Asia
Australasia & Asia

Dubai: - UAE
Melbourne: - Australia

Our Client base

Cedar Point has served and continues to serve global institutions as well as local institutions across various countries. Our Client base covers banks, Telecom companies, Manufacturing companies, Service and Logistic companies, among others

Global, Regional and Local banks including the World bank

Telecom companies

Manufacturing companies

Services and Logistics companies