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Transforming economies through business transformation

Most SMEs grapple with the chicken and egg issue, of whether to employ experts at the onset despite the high cost, or to employ low level staff until they have grown and can afford to pay higher salaries. What most do not realize though, is that , the value that the experts will create and the savings that will accrue as a result of them making the right decisions the first time, will catapult company growth in ways that they would not even have imagined.

Cedar provides business support to SMEs across Africa to help them develop relevant skills to make the right decisions for success. Cedar Point does not only help SMEs to build a bridge to success but also helps them cross it. This requires involvement in firstly analyzing the business Strategy, Resources, Sales & marketing, Operations including Systems and processes to identify gaps. Cedar Point then works with the business to improve as required, reviewing on the way and setting standards for continued success.

Business Review

We review the organisation’s performance and cover all critical areas including:-

Sales & marketing


Systems & Processes

Financial discipline

Key markets

We have worked with SMEs in various markets including:

South Africa
South Africa;

Fast Foods and Training Services


Farming and retail


Retail and Farming


Manufacturing and Digital Services