Strategic Sales

Strategic Sales

Inspiring innovative and winning sales behaviour.

Winning profitable business is at the centre of most, if not all Sales teams’ wish lists. Having the right skills to identify, develop and close profitable deals, as well as the ability to build lasting relationships with clients is therefore key to Sales teams. Our Sales training provides a holistic approach to sales, covering all the critical aspects of winning sales skills and behaviour. The course looks at the end to end sales process from sales scoping, prospect development, deal closure, account maintenance, relationship deepening and cross selling. The focus of this course is on the practical application of key sales skills and behaviours, thereby enabling participants to practise and get feedback in a coaching and developmental environment.

Course Objectives

To help participants to

  • • understand the client’s decision-making process
  • • uncover and understand client needs
  • • understand own organisation’s value proposition
  • • plan and execute sales goals effectively and professionally
  • • develop skills to increase sales and reduce sales cycle time
  • • improve sales margins through the employment of effective negotiation skills
  • • create loyal clients through relationship building and maintenance skills
  • • successfully present and pitch solutions to clients
  • • develop confidence and other essential sales skills
  • • build sales planning, tracking and forecasting skills
  • • develop a sales edge that allows the team to stay ahead of the competition

Course Outline

The target audience for this course is Sales staff. The course runs over 3 days for face to face delivery , or over six 4 hour sessions online

Module 1: Getting the basics right

  • Understanding client buying behaviour and their decision-making process (why some clients don’t sign up)

Module 2: Preparation

  • Identifying, aligning and engaging all key decision makers from the Client side
  • • Planning and Developing a strategy for navigating the organization for Sales success
  • • Plan a sales call in a consistent way, and have a way of recording the outcomes in a manner that is universally understood and will make subsequent calls more likely to succeed
  • • Know how to plot and measure the success of each call against the planned objective in a way that is universally shared and understood throughout the sales force

Module 3: Exploration to identify Client needs

  • • High impact Client interactions
  • • Within the call, make use of, and move between, the various stages; opening the call; exploring problems; understanding the potential business impact of those problems and fixing those in the customer’s mind; discussing value to customer at the appropriate time; gaining the customer’s commitment
  • • Effectively uncovering Client needs, anticipating needs and helping clients to articulate them
  • • Using the right questioning techniques to clearly develop client needs
  • • Identifying opportunities

Module 4: Providing value

  • • Understanding own organization’s value proposition
  • • Matching client needs to solutions and building value for the client, based on identified needs
  • • Helping the client to understand how the solution meets their needs (WIIFM)
  • • Shortening the Sales cycle
  • • Cross selling, developing and maximizing benefits from existing clients

Module 5: Other key areas and skills for Salespeople

  • • Negotiating for success and winning profitable business
  • • Dealing with client resistance
  • • Managing competitor issues
  • • Effective time management
  • • Presentation and Pitching skills
  • • Relationship Management and Networking Skills

Module 6: New Business development

  • • Market Scoping and competitor analysis- effective use of networks
  • • Understanding market dynamics
  • • Understanding and identifying target clients as well as sales strategy
  • • Pipeline deal development
  • • Deal tracking and monitoring
  • • Effective sales management process

Key Sales Skills

The course is highly interactive and can be customised to include other key Sales skills in line with the needs of the client.

We pride ourselves in our ability to exceed client expectations!


Certificates are issued on completion.

Delivery Methodology

According to research, an adult’s concentration span is 20 minutes. We therefore use a variety of highly interactive delivery methods for best results. The main techniques used for this course are: -

  • 1. Case studies
  • 2. Group activities and presentations
  • 3. Simulation
  • 4. Role Plays
  • 5. Quizzes and other learning games that reinforce learnt behaviour
  • We understand that no two programmes are the same, as they vary depending on customer needs, audience, business environment, among other things and will customize our courses as appropriate.


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